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Asbestos & Lead

EES's proven approach to asbestos and lead problems first requires an understanding of the client's overall project objective. Our strategy is to mitigate the environmental hazard to a point from which the primary project (demolition, renovation, repair, etc.) can proceed while meeting regulatory requirements and not endangering site occupants or the surrounding environment.

Our asbestos services range from asbestos surveys/inspections (including the AHERA required, three year re-inspection for schools) to design and monitoring of asbestos removal projects. We can perform daily project monitoring and air testing throughout all phases of the project. Project closeout includes documenting the safe transportation and disposal of the asbestos waste. We provide records and documentation of the project's progress, which are often an owner's only source of protection should regulatory or liability questions arise.


EES provides complete lead-based paint testing and other related services including: lead inspections, lead-based paint risk/hazard assessments, remediation planning and project design specifications, operations and maintenance plans, abatement project monitoring and management services.

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